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Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF) is established by law by the Turkish Parliament to foster cooperation, the cultural and educational exchange between Turkey and her sister countries. By its law of foundation, it is dedicated to education only. Maarif Foundation has thousands of Educational experts from different geographies and different nations.

Turkish Maarif education philosophy aims at raising innovative and multilingual world citizens and leaders seeing the world without any prejudice and through their own culture.

Turkish Maarif emphasizes the wisdom of cultures and humanitarian values together with science and modern global trends that leads the world to an unprecedented speed of change. Through its education philosophy, Turkish Maarif aims at strengthening the ties of its students with their families and societies and culture.

Turkish Maarif aims to provide quality education with a well-balanced and standard curriculum. As TMF promotes creativity and critical thinking, TMF wants our students to know themselves, explore their strengths, skills, and areas to be improved. Educating our learners to become global citizens is our priority. Thus, as we support them to have their own national and spiritual values, TMF also develops them to understand that people have different values and points of view. We believe that parents in the life of the school are essential. Hence, we are always looking for new ways to get them involved. Our teachers are committed to excellence by trying hard to make the learning process stress-free with a blend of theory and practice. We believe that discovering and improving our students’ individual, social, emotional, and intellectual skills are very significant.

 If you have any concerns or would like to tour the school, please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Mobile: +233205234324
Lnadline: +233302730959
E-mail:      ghana@maarifschool.org

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Dr. Cemil Keskin