our values

Vision & Mission


To become a pioneering educational institution nurturing pure-minded people who use knowledge for the peace and welfare of humanity.


To carry out comprehensive educational activities throughout the world based on the common values of humanity and Anatolian tradition of wisdom.




Cooperation and Solidarity

Competence and Virtue

Respect to Local Values

Inclusiveness in Education



Fields of Activity


TMF opens and manages pre-school, primary, secondary, and higher education institutions, for instance, universities, dormitories, and other types of educational infrastructures around the world.
Establishes facilities such as courses for informal education, study centers, and cultural centers.

Educational Support

TMF establishes libraries, laboratories, arts, and sports facilities as complementary elements of the education and training period.
Supports career planning of graduates through its Career Follow-up and Guidance System.


TMF establishes publishing bodies for educational purposes. Develops, produces, and publishes educational programs and contents.
Supports R&D activities through scientific researches on educational methods, practices, contents, and curriculums.
Supports high quality fundamental and applied research in social and natural sciences.
Publishes periodical and indefinite publications, organizes symposiums, conferences, and workshops, to cooperate with institutions and organizations operating in the field of education.

Scholarship and Housing

TMF offers scholarships for all levels of education on a national, regional, and global scale.
Provides educational grants, cash supports, and in-kind supports with educational materials such as books, clothes, computers, and software support to the students in all levels of education from pre-school education to the university.
Establishes facilities such as dormitories and lodging that will meet the needs of the people who provide educational services and study in educational institutions.


source: Turkish Maarif Foundation