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Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF)

Turkish Maarif Foundation serves as a gateway to the international educational arena of Turkey that contribute to enhancing cultural and civilizational interaction and paving the way for achieving the common wellbeing. Together with the Ministry of National Education, TMF which was established by the enacted law on June 17th, 2016 by the Turkish Parliament is the sole entity authorized to provide educational services abroad. It officially started its activities a few months later after there was a brutal coup attempt by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ). One of Maarif's missions was to take over the schools formerly operated by FETÖ, which is known for its international network of institutions.

Since its establishment, the state-backed foundation set up missions in 52 countries. So far, 19 nations have handed over control of 214 FETÖ-linked schools to Maarif; from Afghanistan to Chad, from Gabon to Tunisia, and from Venezuela to Iraq. It also signed protocols with 42 countries both for the takeover of FETÖ-linked schools and the establishment of new schools. In 23 nations, including the United States, Albania, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burundi, Djibouti, Hungary, and Tanzania, the Turkish Maarif Foundation established new schools.

As a non-profit public educational foundation, TMF is entitled to run institutions from pre-school to higher education.



Maarif Foundation Law (Law No. 6721) in Turkey


Purpose and Scope 

Purpose and Scope

ARTICLE 1- (1) The purpose of this law is to specify procedures and principles regarding the establishment and operation of Türkiye Maarif Vakfı (Turkish Maarif Foundation) which headquarters located in Istanbul, to award scholarships in all educational processes from preschool to university education, to open facilities such as educational organizations and dormitories, to train educators to be assigned to these organizations including domestic organizations, to conduct scientific research, and to carry out research and development studies, publish academic works and develop methods and conduct other educational activities which are in accordance with the laws and regulations of that country which these are operated in order to service and improve formal and informal education by taking common human values and knowledge as a basis. 

For more information about the TMF Law: Click here to visit the TMF Law page


Meaning Of Turkish Maarif Foundation Logo

Turkish Maarif Foundation aims at making a long journey with a strong civilization in its bag. For this reason, we embroidered and symbolized in our logo the four directions of the world.

The carpet design symbolizes abundance, living in unity, and also family; which is the foundation stone of society.

Its four corners symbolize hope for every corner of the world by putting human and humanitarian values at the center.

The sharp edges of our logo show our determination. The square in the middle represents an intersection point in belief, science, and wisdom.

Arms designed as the letter M represent the diversity and strength of the institutional structure.

The letter V on each side depicts that, knowledge is subjective according to its source.

The pool symbol in the middle depicts the transmission of knowledge to the four sides.

The turquoise color tells us that our institution’s attitude is determined by national values and Anatolian wisdom of tradition will be carried into the future with its strong structure.