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Turkish Maarif Schools
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As of the 12th of October, 2020, The Turkish Maarif Foundation has become an important worldwide educational brand in recent years. It was established for the purpose of setting up schools abroad and is now active in more than 40 countries with 340 schools, University, and 40 dormitories with approximately 39 thousand students.

Maarif schools offer a diverse curriculum; from science courses to coding and IT tech to classes on local culture, Turkish language, and other languages. Turkish Maarif institutions naturally prioritize Turkish education and set up a special curriculum that aims to help every graduate achieve fluency.

Maarif education policy was based on five principles offering;

  1. A modern science curriculum
  2. Social science curriculum for students to build their own identities
  3. An efficient technology curriculum
  4. Giving students an advanced skill in foreign languages
  5. Teaching local culture and customs.




International Maarif Schools - Erbil

Maarif International School - Erbil, is located in Iraq and has a student population of 1,000+ and counting.


Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools

Maarif International School - Pakistan, with various campuses is spread across Pakistan and has a student population of 12,500+ and counting.


Maarif International Schools - Bucharest