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Definition: Smart person is the one who grasps and understands the reality of self, existence, events, and facts. He/she is one who constantly researches, analyzes, and acts with the awareness of lifelong learning in order to reach the right information.


Definition: Strong-willed person; manages his emotions, consciousness, and behavior in line with humanitarian principles; who fulfill their responsibilities willingly and decisively in order to achieve goals that pursue individual and social benefits.

Principled One who puts forward his/her will in a consistent and disciplined manner in line with his/her beliefs
DecisiveOne who demonstrates his/her will with determination, perseverance, and steadiness to achieve his/her goals.
WillingOne who shows his will with ambition and sincerity to reach his goals
ResponsibleOne who takes initiative in all areas he/she is responsible for, accountable, and makes a self-evaluation


Definition: Conscientious person; empathizes with being in the dimension of emotion and consciousness. One who is confident instills trust in people, acts with sincerity, sensitive, and merciful to all being.

TrustworthyOne who adopts justice and honesty as a principle and is confident
SensitiveOne who is decent, understanding, and altruistic in his/her feelings, thoughts, and actions
MercifulOne who shows his will with ambition and sincerity to reach his goals
SincereOne who sincere, unexpectant and transparent


Definition: Active person; acts courageously to spread goodness and prevent evil with all its emotions, consciousness, and behavior; It is a person who communicates effectively with his environment, compromises when necessary in different situations, and shares his material and spiritual resources.

BraveWith self-confidence and the ability to take risks, he/she converts his/her experiences into an initiative.
One who acts in a balanced, harmonious, and peaceful way in times of conflicts.
Out-spokenOne who shows his will with ambition and sincerity to reach his goals
SharingOne who shares what he/she has

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